A leading global manufacturer and supplier of auto parts that specializes in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of products to diverse industries worldwide. They faced significant challenges in vendor data management, impacting various aspects of their operations including procurement, logistics, and financial processes. Despite utilizing a prominent data quality application tailored to their ERP system, they encountered persistent issues with their vendor data.


Collaborating with the Data Governance and Finance teams, the primary goal was to identify and prioritize anomalies within the global vendor data for thorough cleanup. Autonomous checks were conducted, including:

  • Identification of missing critical data and invalid data.
  • Length check to ensure data integrity.
  • Standardization of records to establish consistency.
  • Detection and elimination of duplicates using multiple attributes such as Vendor Number, Vendor Name, DUNS Number, VAT Number, and TAX-Number.
  • Multiplicity checks to resolve instances of multiple entries erroneously linked to variables that should ideally have a one-to-one mapping.


By implementing a comprehensive vendor data cleansing strategy, the company achieved significant improvements in its procurement, logistics, and financial processes. The key outcomes included:

  • Enhanced accuracy and completeness of vendor data.
  • Streamlined procurement activities and improved vendor selection processes.
  • Reduction in errors and delays in account payables and receivables.
  • Increased operational efficiency and cost savings through optimized vendor management.

The collaboration between the Data Governance and Finance teams, coupled with the effective utilization of autonomous checks and standardized data cleansing processes, led to a successful transformation of vendor management for the global manufacturer and supplier of auto parts.

With enhanced data accuracy and standardized records, the client experienced improved operational efficiency, reduced errors in account payables and receivables, and optimized vendor management. continues to empower businesses across industries to maximize the value of their data assets, driving sustainable growth and success.

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