is an AI/ML based Smart engine that drives Non-Invasive & Frictionless Data Quality across systems.

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Key Tenets of routine.
Minimal Human Intervention

allow the engine to autonomously discover anomalies in your data.

Few Manual Rules

eliminate bias, knowledge gap and enable speed.

Just Point & Run

across systems, on-prem or in the cloud.

Solving business problems for the world’s best

Monitoring the Known Discovering the Unknown Enabling data-driven decision making.

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We can plug in
at any stage of your
data maturity journey

Continuous Monitoring

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Identification of patterns and anomalies within your data. Define business specific rules.

Continuous Monitoring

Transition Discovery rules to triggers with threshholds for constant monitoring and alerts.


Accelerate the transformation of data from multiple source systems to the destination.

Cross – System Matching

Validate Data availability across systems as expected by business.

Change Monitoring

Day-over-day changes or run changes in key data elements.


Cell Mapping to confirm Valid data movement post transformation or data integration.

What is
in it for me?

Realize your business potential
with data you trust!

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Your Data should not leave your environment. RoutineAI. can be deployed On-Premise, in Cloud, or Hybrid.



Install RoutineAI. in less than 30 minutes. Connect with your source data instantly with our built in connectors.

Autonomous rules

Autonomous rules

Eliminate the need to write manual rules with our “Extract rules” algorithms.

Fast Processing

Fast Processing

RoutineAI. processing speed broke all industry benchmarks. Analyze one million records with 200 columns in less than 10 minutes. Scale this to Billions of records with ease.

No Stale Data

No Stale Data

RoutineAI. will not recreate a replica of your data. It will always connect to your source systems, extract fresh data and perform analysis in memory.

Quick ROI

Quick ROI

Short implementation timeline. Fast analysis. No AI training required. Autonomous rule extracted. All summarizes to zero overhead and immediate returns. See positive ROI within the first 30 days of implementation. And the value continues…

A Radically
Different Approach
to Data Quality.

One that partners trust and rely on.

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We get
asked these
questions a lot

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routine. is a cloud solution. But it can also be installed on-prem (in your data center) or within your private cloud (Google, Azure or AWS).

Installation of routine. takes less than an hour. Connecting to databases takes a few seconds as long as you have the required connection credentials. Setting up routine is a breeze. We promise same day installation and ready to use.

routine. does not require separate security. It is installed within your environment and will always be inside your firewall. No data is ever extracted out of infrastructure and so you are never handing over your data. Instead you will have routine installed where your data is.

Absolutely. routine. works on spreadsheets in the form of csv files as efficiently as other databases. You can have your csv files on a server or on your desktop. You will be able to upload your spreadsheets in routine or point it to the files in your server. You can perform all data quality analysis on your spreadsheet data.

routine. is pretty scalable. It has been stress tested with more than 5 billion records and 200 columns without any problem.

We leverage unsupervised machine learning to perform all data quality checks. This removes the need for you to write manual rules. For example, it will look into your city column to identify inconsistent values like “Cicago” and will suggest the correct value to be “Chicago” provided you have both the values in your city column.

There are certain core analysis like standardization, duplicates, completeness, multiplicity and reasonability that it executes on its own. You can absolutely configure these analyses. In addition, you can also write custom rules that are more business focused.

Yes. routine. has connectors to almost all structured databases. It also connects natively with certain applications like Salesforce and ServiceNow that do not allow you to connect to their databases.

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Make it a routine.

Full setup within 24 hours.
Experience the full features of the platform and discover the benefits it can bring to your organisation

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