The client is a rapidly growing organization that has experienced substantial organic growth and successful acquisitions. As a result of their expansion, they have implemented three different ERP systems, which have led to challenges in procurement, reconciliation processes, and workflow integration. These issues have had a significant impact on asset management, reporting capabilities, cost allocation, and the accuracy of business profit and loss statements.


Collaborating closely with the client’s Data team, Routine played a pivotal role in addressing these challenges and establishing a single version of the truth. The key components of the solution included:

  • Data Cleaning: Routine assisted in cleaning the data within individual tables and ERP systems, ensuring data accuracy and integrity.
  • Data Standardization: We created comprehensive data policies to standardize data input and flow across the organization, promoting consistency and uniformity.
  • Data Mart Implementation: A centralized data mart was developed, serving as the repository for the “single version of the truth.” This data mart consolidated and harmonized data from disparate sources, enabling seamless reporting and analysis.
  • Multi-Team Utilization: The solution was adopted and utilized by various teams, including IT, Finance, and Audit, ensuring cross-functional alignment and collaboration.

Several challenges were identified and addressed during the implementation:

  • Orders: The absence of primary keys was rectified by requesting the client to provide all line items in Orders files and identifying unique attribute combinations.
  • Vendors: PO numbers in various formats were cleaned up using Routine, and for multiple assets ordered in a single PO, serial numbers were split into different rows to create a standardized flat structure.
  • Activity Log: The Activity Time field, initially in an unusable text format, was converted into a DateTime format using Routine. Additionally, noisy data in the Activity Level fields was filtered by identifying relevant keywords.


By implementing Routine’s data-driven solution, the client successfully achieved a single version of truth and resolved the challenges associated with multiple ERP systems and fragmented workflows. The benefits included:

  • Enhanced accuracy and consistency in asset management and reporting.
  • Streamlined cost allocation and improved business P&Ls.
  • Increased efficiency and collaboration among teams, leading to better decision-making processes.

Routine’s robust data cleaning, standardization, and data mart implementation provided the client with a comprehensive solution to establish a single version of the truth. By harnessing the power of accurate and harmonized data, the client gained a solid foundation for informed decision-making, operational efficiency, and sustainable growth.

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