The top streaming music provider delivers a diverse range of music streaming services to millions of users worldwide. As industry frontrunners, the company prioritizes high-quality services and continually enhances their customer data management processes. The client, a leading streaming music provider, was grappling with account management, billing, and revenue collection challenges due to data quality issues. Despite implementing three data-quality products in their source data, the client’s Sales, Marketing, and Finance teams continued to encounter difficulties. The client recognized the need for a comprehensive solution to effectively address their data quality concerns.

Before routine

Prior to implementing Routine, the client had launched data quality projects in collaboration with their Technology team. However, these efforts were unable to fully capture and resolve the challenges faced by the Sales, Marketing, and Finance teams. The client’s data quality issues persisted, impacting their account management, billing, and revenue collection processes.

With routine

Upon integrating Routine into their systems, significant improvements in data quality were realized. Routine’s advanced algorithms autonomously identified numerous data quality issues within the Accounts, Contacts, and Leads data. A comprehensive summary of the data quality report was generated within 48 hours, revealing the following findings:

  • 115k Accounts – 4152 duplicates, 82012 standardization issues.
  • 208k Contacts – 18467 duplicates, 154618 standardization issues.
  • 397k Leads – 37,987 duplicates, 184522 standardization issues.

By swiftly identifying and resolving duplicates, Routine ensured the integrity and accuracy of the client’s data. Additionally, the platform addressed completeness issues, standardized data formats, rectified invalid entries, and eliminated instances of multiplicity and conflicting customer information associated with the same email address.

Through Routine’s automated data quality solutions, the client experienced enhanced efficiency, improved accuracy, and streamlined processes. By eliminating data inconsistencies and redundancies, Routine empowered the client to make more informed decisions, enhance customer interactions, and maximize the value of their data assets.

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